Thursday, June 18, 2015

Trending Keywords in .COM Domains - NiceNIC.NET

These keywords saw a spike in registrations last month
"Options", Limos among popular keywords in new .com domains.
Verisign has published its monthly “trending” keywords report, which finds keywords that have suddenly become more popular in .com domain name registrations.
Trending Keywords in .COM Domains -
Based on the results, it would seem a lot of people got rich off stock options, used the money to buy a Tesla and became used to the keyless entry, causing them to forget their house keys and have to call a locksmith.
Here are the top ten for May:
1. Options
2. Holo
3. Locksmith
4. Myan
5. Tesla
6. Romance
7. Limos
8. Flips
9. Padel
10. Fantastic
Remember, these are the keywords that had the biggest jump in registrations, not total registrations.
Verisign’s DomainView tool shows that 2,785 .com domains with “options” in them were registered or renewed last month, with huge spikes on May 13 (842 .com/.net) and May 29 (720 .com/.net). Not all of them were related to financial options. (While DomainView shows registrations and renewals, its trending keywords report includes only new registrations.)
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