Thursday, June 18, 2015

Company using .Today domain name raises $8 million - NiceNIC.NET

Jeff Dachis’ latest company, currently using a .today domain name, raises $8 million.
One Drop, a diabetes management platform that uses the domain name, has raised $8 million in a round led by RRE Ventures.
Company using .Today domain name raises $8 million -
One Drop is the latest startup from Jeff Dachis, who was the founder and CEO of .com darling (and ultimately bust) Razorfish. He later was an entrepreneur-in-residence at Austin Ventures, where he then created social media company Dachis Group. He ran that company until early last year.
His background at Austin Ventures is relevant because Austin Ventures is also an investor in Donuts, which is the registry behind .today. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was introduced to new top level domain names through that connection.
Company using .Today domain name raises $8 million -
RetailMeNot, a coupon codes site, also has a connection to Austin Ventures and Donuts. Austin Ventures invested in the company. When Donuts launched the .Codes top level domain, RetailMeNot scooped up about 1,000 of the domains with ten year terms on the first day of Early Access. Presumably, RetailMeNot did a bulk deal with Donuts and didn’t pay day full price to register domains like on day one of EAP. I wouldn’t be surprised if Austin Ventures connected RetailMeNot to Donuts for the deal.
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