Thursday, June 18, 2015

How Real Estate agents use Domain Names - NiceNIC.NET

A look at domain names in home listings.
How Real Estate agents use Domain Names -
Earlier this year I wrote about domain names used to market homes for sale.
This week I received a glossy magazine advertising homes for sale in Austin, and I decided to see how many of the homes had a domain name in their description or title.
Of the 95 homes featured in the magazine, 51 had a domain name specifically for the home. That’s 54%. (It’s possible other homes have a unique domain name but their agents did not include them in the magazine.)
I tallied up the types of domain names used:
  • 37 of the domain names were street names or addresses, such as
  • 14 of the domain names were descriptive, such as
  • All of the domain names were .com.
As I noted in my post earlier this year, the uniqueness of address domain names makes it easy for home sellers to find an available .com domain name.
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