Monday, December 9, 2013

Save BIG for Christmas & New Year 2013 - NiceNIC.NET

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Happy Holidays!

We hope to celebrate Christmas and New Year along with you :-)

Save BIG on Domain Hosting Email - NiceNIC Coupon Code Details:

Start-End: 10th December 2013 - 10th January 2014

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Coupon Code 1:
Discounted Domain Price:

.CN/.COM.CN  $5/yr.NET $6.5/yr.INFO $6.5 1st yr
.HK/.COM.HK  $16.99/yr.COM $8.99/yr.KR $61.99/yr
Chinese.COM/.NET $9.99/yr.ORG $11.99/yr.JP $80.99/yr公司/.网络 $29.99/yr.BIZ $10.99/yr.TW/.COM.TW $38.99/yr

Coupon Code 2:
Discounted Hosting Price:

1G Hosting + 1G Email  $89.99/yr (Original $116.33 SAVE $26.34)
2G Hosting + 2G Email  $109.99/yr (Original $166.33 SAVE $56.34)
3G Hosting + 3G Email  $129.99/yr (Original $198.00 SAVE $68.10)

Data Center: Hong Kong, South Korea, United States
FREE Extras:
# No Minimum Purchase Required
# No Prepayment Required
# Lifetime Whois Privacy
# Lifetime Proxy Service
# Nameserver Registration
# DNS Records Update
# Domain Push
# Registrar Lock
# Nice & Patient Customer Support
# Unlimited Support Tickets System

How to use NiceNIC.NET's coupon code?
Please simply tell us your Username and Products by Email or Online Ticket!

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