Thursday, June 18, 2015

China Dominates Top Domain Sales in May - NiceNIC.NET

Yet these aren’t necessarily the LLL variety that most interests China. They’re vowel-laden, pronounceable, and meaningful in Western languages. ($30k) strongly suggests the “ex” prefix found in such words as “exchange”. And ($36.1k) is Spanish for “I see” – one of the best words for Spanish branding that I can think of.
China is certainly to be found behind the 9 sales above. Our high of $18.2k is an outlier, since 8 of the 9 fall within the more circumspect range of $7.3k to $10.6k. Chinese bidders would be involved in the 7 sales as well, which ranged as high as $5k for the repeating pattern
Domain Name / End $  36,100  30,000  25,101  25,000  19,000  18,200China Dominates Top Domain Sales in May -  10,600  10,600  10,200  9566  9500  9377  8850  8792  8650  7280  6800  5866  5200  5020  5000  4999  4800  4520  4450  4102  4100  3055  2805  2700  2700  2620  2521  2510  2500  2377  2222  2190  2100  2009
Yes, it’s also China buying’s such as ($4.5k) and pinyin like ($2.8k). What may surprise some readers, however, is the interest some Chinese buyers take in LL.tvdomains. ($6.8k) and ($5k) eclipsed a trio of U.S. state TV domains – just barely, since the latter 3 fetched $4.8k to $5k apiece.
Within this partial NameJet list, China obviously predominates. If the company hasn’t yet hired a bevy of fluent Chinese speakers, perhaps it’s time they mirror that de facto customer base of theirs. Be that as it may, there are plenty of domains selling at NameJet that have nothing to do with China.
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