Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How many new TLDs will you register? - NiceNIC.NET

Answer this question on the 9th annual Domain Name Wire survey.

This year’s Domain Name Wire Survey has additional questions about top level domain names now that new ones are finally rolling off the assembly line.

By taking the survey, you’ll answer questions such as:

* Of all of the new top level domain names you’ve heard about, which is your favorite?

* Of all the new TLDs you’ve heard about, which do you think will get the most registrations?

* What impact will the introduction of new top level domain names have on existing TLDs other than .com?

* What will the release of new top level domain names do to the value of existing .com domain names?

* How many second level domains in these new extensions do you plan to register for yourself or on behalf of your company in 2014?

* On average, how many second level registrations do you expect each new TLD to have one year after general availability for the domain starts?

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