Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Trump and Bible trending in .com domain name registrations - NiceNIC.NET

Donald Trump is making money…for domain name registrars.

Domain name registrations related to Donald Trump, the bible and Cuba were trending last month.

Trump and Bible trending in .com domain name registrations -

According to .com registry Verisign, the following keywords showed the biggest increase in registrations from June to July in .com:

1. owned
2. Cuba
3. savings
4. prices
5. Trump
6. SUV
7. economy
8. scope
9. bible
10. frog

I understand some of these terms, but frog? There was a big spike of “frog” related domains registered on July 22 for some reason.

I don’t think Verisign counts “abc” as a keyword, but I suspect it would be trending for August …

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