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Posted by Andrew Allemann on August 10, 2015

Seattle Vacation -

I’m back from summer vacation, and now it’s time to gear up for fall.

I’m back from a two week vacation in Seattle.

There are a lot of domain companies in Seattle, and if you’re feeling left out that I didn’t visit you…this was a true vacation. I negotiated a couple hours of blogging time with my family each day, but company visits would have been asking too much. Instead, we spent our time camping, touring the Theo chocolate factory, visiting parks, etc.

An exception was a trip to DomainSherpa HQ in Bainbridge Island. It was a big highlight for me, as we saw a bald eagle, sea lion and otters in Mike Cyger’s “backyard”.

Here are some things I thought about on my vacation:

Seattle Vacation -

1. If I could live in one U.S. city other than Austin, it would be Seattle. To be fair, I typically visit during the good summer months. I don’t know how I’d do in the winter. But damn, it’s a beautiful and fun city. I’m not the only one who thinks this…I thought the Austin housing market was hot, but it’s nothing compared to Seattle.

2. News blogging never takes breaks. My family kindly gave me an hour or two each morning to get some stories up. Last week was also earnings week for many public domain companies, which meant some afternoon blogging.

3. I always feel like I’m a couple hours behind when I travel to the West Coast. By the time you get up and boot up the laptop, it’s lunchtime in New York.

Back to work…

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