Tuesday, July 28, 2015

ccTLD Approved for Macao by ICANN - NiceNIC.NET

ccTLD Approved for Macao - www.nicenic.net

A new ccTLD string was released for Macao by ICANN, at their official meeting in Seoul, after going through the evaluation and approval process requested in such cases.

There are also other countries who have been submitting similar requests, since 16th of November 2009, following the rule that the territory name has to be of a script other than Latin.

ccTLD Approved for Macao - www.nicenic.net 
Regarding the necessary steps, there are three of them in order to obtain approval:

1. One has to prepare all the documentation and find agreement within the local community and then submit the application at http://forms.icann.org/idn/apply.php
2. The assessment of requests from a technical and linguistic point of view.
3. The successful requests then are submitted to the email address root-mgmt@iana.org.

So far there is a number of 36 countries which have been evaluated positively, out of which 29 received delegation within the DNS root system. ICANN promises to make domains in non-Latin country code available as soon as they pass the evaluation process via the Fast Track Process.

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