Thursday, November 28, 2013

Buy $16.5 .HK Get Domain for FREE - NiceNIC.NET

 Buy $16.5 .HK Get Domain for FREE - NiceNIC.NET
Buy $16.5 .HK Domain <> Get .香港(Hong Kong) for FREE:
Account Tier.HK Domain PROMO Price
Market Account
Basic Account$17.67/yr
Super Account$16.50/yr
VIP Account$16.50/yr
[* How to apply for VIP/Super Account?]
Why Register .HK/.COM.HK Domain Name with NiceNIC.NET?
# Hong Kong Local HKIRC Accredited Registrar
# World's LOWEST Price
# No Supporting Documentations Required# Lifetime FREE Whois Privacy
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Why Register .HK and Chinese .香港 Domain Names with NiceNIC.NET?
Hong Kong is an international metropolis and has been ranked the world's freest economy for 18 consecutive years. Hong Kong has always been one of the top ranking countries in terms of global competitiveness due to its geographic location, free flow of information, low tax regime, talented workforce, protection of intellectual property rights, comprehensive legal system, favourable and globalised business environment. As a result, Hong Kong plays a major role in bridging trade and business activities among Mainland China, Asia and the global markets. By registering .hk and .香港 domain names, enterprises can make use of Hong Kong's status and reputation and create their unique online "Hong Kong Brand". This will help open up and expand markets and develop new opportunities.
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