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FAQ for China/Chinese domain names - NiceNIC.NET

Dear Valued NiceNIC Customer/Partner/Reseller,

In view of some of you still have questions/confusion upon Chinese/China/.CN/中文/.中国/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese domain names, we collect some frequently asked questions & answers for your information. Hope it will be helpful/useful anyhow.

#1 What are the new Chinese symbols? Which is .cn Chinese Traditional and simple?
---> Please ignore the traditional version of .CN (traditional version of .CN is .中國), currently only Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan are using traditional Chinese. The simplified version of .CN is .中国.

#2 Also the other two are they and . net and is there now .cn meaning .china and a .Chinese and do all 3 come in Simple and traditional?
---> (Chinese characters).COM and (Chinese characters).NET have meanings of both .COM & .NET domain names and Simplified Chinese domain names (forget Traditional Chinese please).

#3 .China = .中国
.CN = .CN
both .CN and .中国 represent China/Chinese domain names.

#4 Below please find a list for AVAILABLE China/Chinese domain names OR a list for all domain names operated by Registry of CNNIC:
(Chinese Characters).CN
(Letters and Numbers).CN

(Chinese Characters).中国
(Letters and Numbers).中国

.公司 (公司 means "company, corporation, firm" in English)
(Chinese Characters).公司

.网络 (网络 means "network" in English)
(Chinese Characters).网络

(Letters and Numbers).COM.CN

Domain names with same rule as .COM.CN:

#5 if I buy it in Simple does it automatically give me the traditional form?
---> Yes

More questions? Please feel free to contact us at support @ or by submitting ticket online. Thank you!

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FAQ about China/Chinese domain names
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