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Chinese Domain Market: Prices of domains with good meanings will not be affected - NiceNIC.NET

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"The domainer who has just sold the domain name (East Wind Brand) for big six-digit price in CNY said that premium domains prices will not be affected by the market. Let’s look at some newly sold domain names below. was sold for more than one million in CNY. (Folk Benefit Loan) was sold for 680k in CNY. (Agriculture) was sold for a small six-digit price in CNY. (Guerrillas) was sold for a six-digit price in CNY.

Good meanings would add great value to the domain name. The domain names related to game, car, education and real estate will be more valuable. Here we have some veteran investors to share their opinions.
Zhenxuan Huang: I have been domaining for more than 10 years. The domain names with good meanings are never unsalable, and the ROI is stable. The key point is always about the quality. Not long ago I bought (procurement), (QQ Coin), (Sweet Potato), (Peanut), (Intimate) all receive good offers, but I am still waiting for better prices. was bought in 2014, and the reward is good. The prices of premium domain names are expensive, but you will find the value later. I am confident about double pinyin related to industries and 3-letter chips .com domain names.

Shenzhen Micro Angel Investor Xiang Gao: Premium domain names will shine like gold anyway. The end users will focus on the meaning while the speculators emphases on the looking.

Da Fei: I stand for this point. I am end-user oriented, and prefer value investment. The capital from the end users will only flow in for the valuable domain names, which pump money into the market for benign substantial circulation.

Xiangyong Chen: I was in for this statement, but viewing from the market performance now, I start to doubt it. Recently, even the transactions of the premium domain names are rare. So some premium domain name also will be affected by the market trend, only with better resistance. Actually all the domain names will be affected by the market, but whatever the market is, the premium ones are more advisable choices.

Xi Chen: The support of the domain names are from the meanings and the end users. Thus the investment shall focus on the premium ones. Only the premium could lead the trend. Off course the looking of the domain name is also important. A good looking domain name could attract you at the first glance.
In a nutshell, most domainers agree that the premium domains are less affected by the market. Some people say that no matter what kind of domain name, they all will affected by the environment, but the premium ones will be more resistible than the average ones. The looking of the domain name will also be a factor that affects the price of the domain name.
The market is changeable and confusing. Everyone would have his own stand point and opinion towards the market. Everyone like domain names with good meanings and good looking. Will the prices of domains with good meaning be affected by the market trend? The answers vary from person to person."
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